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John Pollard

President and Founder, Construction

I'm John Pollard, owner and founder of SF Garage Company and president of The Pollard Group.

John Pollard's Bio:

John Pollard is the founder and owner of SF Garage Company. Since 1994, he has successfully completed over 2,000 garage and structural projects, becoming an expert in designing and building for San Francisco’s unique homes.


Since founding SF Garage Company, John has expanded his service offerings to include permit expediting, engineering and large scale residential renovations. John’s resources and experience allow him to take any building project from concept to completion. His unrivaled knowledge of engineering, permitting and building codes allows him to add value and efficiency for his clients. 


John takes an active and creative approach to each project, and be can be often seen on-site, working directly with project managers and craftsmen to deliver quality results. 


He currently holds California contractor licenses in General Building, Concrete, Electrical, Plumbing, and Class A General Engineering.


John Pollard's Experience:

  • President at The Pollard Group

    Based in San Francisco, The Pollard Group provides the expertise and resources to take real estate projects from conception and planning to permits, construction and completion. We have the experience to face the challenges that accompany development and construction in northern California, and are sensitive to the environmental and aesthetic issues that go along with it.

  • Owner and Founder at SF Garage Company

    SF Garage Company is one of the preeminent seismic engineering, structural upgrade and garage construction companies in the Bay Area. We offer garage installation, expansion, and foundation excavation services, as well as seismic engineering and construction. Whatever the project, SF Garage has the expertise and experience to provide clients a "turn key" construction experience, from design to final finishing. Our mission is simple: exceed our client's expectations by delivering a quality product, on time and on budget.

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